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Main Page


Our ambition is to solve technical issues and problems related to them and creating applications. We are not only a deliverer of industrial products, machines, devices and services, but we also propose economical, low-cost production solutions.


Steel Constructions

Inwestycje Przemysłowe AT Sp. z o.o. is a supplier of industrial steel constructions for customers in the European markets. 


Production Supervision and NDT

IPAT provides services to the supervision of the production of industrial steel structures, quality control and preparation of documentation. 


Production Process Automation

Our main task is finding and supplying advanced technological solutions basing on engineering knowledge in range of process automation.


ACO Products Distribution

IPAT company is a partner and distributor of ACO Group since 2009. During this period the sale of ACO products is constantly growing. Our main task is technical consulting in project and assembly phase.


Fender and Mooring Devices

Technical consulting and sale of quay equipment: fender and mooring systems, mooring monitoring systems, quick-release hooks, mooring bollards.