Production Process Automation

Our main task is finding and supplying advanced technological solutions basing on engineering knowledge in range of process automation.

For our clients we find best possible solutions in both technical and economical respect.

We offer our knowledge and experience in range of automation to solve your problems and tasks:

  • solutions and technologies
  • design engineering of units and special machines
  • manufacturing, assembling, starting and implementation our machines
  • delivery of tools and other production machines as a part of solution
  • full implementation and service
  • we take responsibility for our solutions

Furthermore we offer supervision of production process with following technologies:

  • direct and non-contact measurement systems integrated with control systems
  • collecting and processing measurement data using SPC software
  • collecting process information using RFID technology
  • visualization with control panels and computer Scada systems
  • integration of machine control systems and production line control systems with MRP and ERP systems.

We offer solutions in three areas of automation:

1. Machining automation

      • machining stands
      • transfer and special purpose machines
      • retrofiting machine tools
      • tool heads
      • hydraulic and special clamping systems
      • details manipulating and palletization

2. Assembly automation

      • assembly stands
      • assembly lines
      • assembly by gluing details
      • assembly by riveting details
      • assembly by pressing details
      • assembly with screw joints
      • detail presence control before and after the process
      • force and position control

3. Welding automation

      • welding stands automation
      • robotized welding stands
      • detail presence control before and after the process
      • details manipulating and palletization